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Comprehensive Effective & Pleasurable Reading Series

Multilingual teaching stories for children from

Pre-school to Primary school

Conducting 4 years of research and 10 years of experiment, HKU research team successfully developed 【Comprehensive Effective & Pleasurable Reading Series】to allow students to continue their learning while normal class is suspended.

This series of E-Books have the following features:

  • Trilingual learning: English, Traditional and Simplified Chinese. Enable reading of 3 kinds of written languages

  • Equipped with Cantonese, Putonghua and English spoken languages. Learning of 3 kinds of refined spoken languages simultaneously

  • Multiple language levels cater for different ages and abilities

  • Provision of learning techniques and strategies

  • Provision of learning assessment

  • User friendly and independent learning

  • Multimedia interaction

【Comprehensive Effective & Pleasurable Reading Series】 is written by HKU Faculty of Education Professor Tse Shek Kam.  It is integrated with the comprehensive effective literacy teaching approach developed by Professor Tse for students to grab the technique of learning easily.  

2 books are now Free for Trail.  Please visit

for using.   And we have now developed extra 8 multilingual and multilevel e-books.  If schools are interested in using more e-books for teaching, you are welcomed to buy these extra e-books in the form of subscription.

Besides【Comprehensive Effective & Pleasurable Reading Series】 , schools are also welcomed to subscribe another E-learning platform -- E+Fun.

E+Fun is linked to 【Comprehensive Effective & Pleasurable Reading Series】.  It uses IOS platform to create a personalized interactive sharing application. Inserted with content from the E-books series, students can film a short video to present the idea from the storybooks and train their creativity, organizing and presentation skills.  They are also encouraged to learn from each other as the video is shared.

Through this tool, the ability of students is well revealed for evaluation of teachers and parents so that targeted assistance can be provided to students in need.  The mode of purchasing would also be in the for of subscription.


  • After reading and understanding the stories, students can use E+Fun to film a short video, presenting the ideas inside using their own words

  • AR (Augmented Reality) features allows presence of various elements, such as background, cartoon, emotion, etc to raise the fun

  • Videos can be freely uploaded to school drive and social platform for sharing and mutual learning among students

  • It can be used as Assessment Tool.  After uploaded the videos to school drive, teachers can view and evaluate the ability of each students to provide targeted assistance

  • After-reading Exercise is included to provide more opportunity for students to train their language ability in daily life

If you want to subscribe to more e-story books or E+ Fun ,

Or for more information, you can...


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