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About us

An answer to STEM Education

InspireLab Ltd is a member of the Hong Kong Science Park Incubation Program.


Our business is focused on innovation and technology. The company's professional team includes talents with backgrounds in STEM education, hardware and software development, and has extensive experience in electronic design, software development, artificial intelligence and cloud solutions.

By cooperating with academia and non-profit organizations, technology can be applied to different fields. For example, it provides innovative STEM learning tools and courses for primary and middle school students, so that students can master programming, use sensors, drive motors and robots from scratch, and enjoy the fun of STEM activity creation.


InspireLab hopes to work together with the industry to create technology to promote social progress and improve the quality of human life in the future.




Paper Circuit


InspireLab workshop

Establish STEM Lab 

​School/Institution Open Day

We set up our own production line. If your school / institution has any ideas, you are welcomed to contact us. Both hardware and software can be customized for you.

Our advantage

Image by John Schnobrich
Image by Ameen Fahmy
Image by Kaleidico

Education Aim

We hope to bring scientific and technological knowledge to students, so that they can learn, use, create technology as soon as possible, and finally innovate technology.

Innovative ideas

We persistently develop products with innovative thinking to allow students to have new experiences,

turning learning into fun.

Rich Experience

Our team has rich experience in electronic product development. In addition to educational products, we also develop customized product prototypes, covering  products in different fields.

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