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​ Best choice for Your STEM education

Become an expert of technology

Years of experiences on holding workshops for schools and institutions


"Spend an hour on STEM

 Get a lifetime to Invent"

We believe....

​Technology has become an indispensable part of people's lives, and innovative technology often requires the creative power of the younger generation. It is this creativity that allows society and children to grow up.


At InspireLab , we try to reinvigorate the thinking of students, so that students can absorb more STEM knowledge, including programming, mechanical production, problem solving, eco-friendly gadgets, etc., to cultivate future scientific and technological talents from an early age.

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We provide a variety of

Teaching kits, courses

We hope to bring technological knowledge to students.

Let them learn technology and enjoy new experiences as early as possible.

Turn learning into fun.

​STEM teaching kits

We perform design and  production of our own brand to develop the most suitable and useful STEM teaching aids for students to deepen their knowledge of science and technology.

On-site teaching

Our professional team has years of teaching experience and provides a series of supporting facilities for your students to ensure that every student can grasp the essence of STEM.

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Share joy with kids...

InspireLab has held STEM workshops and extracurricular activity classes for many kindergartens, primary and secondary schools in the past to provide high-quality teaching services to a huge number of students.  We are happy to arrange appropriate courses according to the level of students, so that students can easily master the knowledge in the classroom and cultivate future scientific and technological talents.

Our aim is to increase students' interest in technology through STEM education, so as to popularize STEM so that students can be inspired and reveal their potential. At the same time, it also allows students to learn and entertain in their busy schedule and increase their knowledge in a relaxed environment.

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