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  • ​CodeFit allows children to do exercises anytime, anywhere. It includes a series of preset programs that cover a variety of sports. You can get enough exercise from hands to waist to legs all over your body. A Micro:bit is included.
  • A series of motion-sensing exercises created by Micro:Bit are entertaining and can make students exercise more actively. At the same time, it can also enable students to master programming knowledge, which can be used to further increase the complexity and difficulty of actions and autonomously control the amount of exercise required.

  • Extremely high plasticity. Through the combination of programming and sports, any movement or action is possible. Once you have mastered the programming skills, you can add the sports you are interested in as supplement for the problem of insufficient daily exercise.​
  • Equipped with an intelligent calculation system, assisting in calculating the number of movements or time, and setting exercise goals for children.
  • The high-sensitivity motion sensor ensures that the motion posture meets the standard, and will emit a sound for confirmation, which can be used to correct the wrong motion posture.
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