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Inspire X

Inspire X


The Inspire X self-driving electric platform combines personal ride tools, artificial intelligence, multiple sensors and computer vision technology. It allows children to develop artificial intelligence-rich autonomous driving programs through Microsoft MakeCode and MIT Scratch tools, and create an automatic Driving a manned vehicle.

  • Multiple anti-collision safety system, equipped with eight ultrasonic sensors, 360 detection of obstacles on the road without dead angles, with contact bumpers, double protection of the driver's safety
  • Artificial intelligence can recognize different objects or patterns, such as fruits and arrows, to control the driving of smart cars, and can even be extended to control driving with gestures
  • The seat is detachable and can be replaced with a transport platform. It can be transformed into an unmanned delivery platform, which can be used for academic purposes such as collecting homework and announcements, or transformed into a remote food delivery platform under the epidemic.
  • Equipped with air quality detectors, which can be used as mobile air monitoring stations to connect technology to the living environment

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