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EdTech x FinTech

Innovative Calendar Solution

Our innovative calendar solution is shortlisted in The Blue Innovation Challenge 2020 Fintech Competition for creative technology solutions currently transforming the financial industry. Blue Insurance Limited organized the competition and supported by partner MIT Hong Kong Innovation Node.


For parents, healthy life and education are the most crucial consideration for their children. There are currently no simple ways to consolidate and manage classes and extracurricular activities among the family members, such as online classes, interest classes, health, sports, and family events. Moreover, they also need to think ahead for their children's future financial arrangements and education.


Our innovative calendar solution aims to connect the families, schools, community, and financial industry by providing a collaborative family calendar with linkage to school and class calendar and IoT devices with the following benefit:


Better organized class schedule and leisure time

- Schools can arrange online and face-to-face lessons in a better way.

- Parents and family members can better understand the children's lessons and activities of the school. 

- Children can learn to use the calendar functions for a better arrangement of their time.


Enrich learning materials

- Suggest video of positive thinking and other topics (from various websites), with AI for personalized preference.


Promote a healthy lifestyle

- By using IoT wearable devices, children are encouraged to exercise (can be indoor) with measurement and tracking. Awards will be given weekly or monthly to promote a healthy lifestyle. 

- With medical insurance, the system can suggest a clinic and book time (through another service provider or phone). 

Help parents to plan their children's future

- Provide parents with additional information around health and education with our enhanced AI recommendation engine, including insurance solutions and financial services based on the children's needs. 

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